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Is playing football better than running and lifting weights?

A couple of years ago a report was released to suggest playing football is better for your health than going for a run or even lifting weights. With the World Cup about to begin, we’ve done some digging ourselves to find out how good a kick about really is for you…


Help out your heart ❤️

It might not feel it, but the average player runs around 5 to 7 miles in a game of footy, so the constant running and jogging keeps heart rates high meaning it’s a stunning form of cardiovascular exercise. Getting scientific, this has a whole load of benefits like reducing blood pressure, resisting plaque build-up in the coronary arteries and just strengthening the heart in general – all good stuff.


Ditch the fat and gain the muscle 💪🏼

You don’t need to pay an expensive gym membership and live in the weights section to build muscle, just grab a ball and head to the nearest park with your buds! Playing football works the muscles and heart in different ways, and the nature of the game forces players to switch things up quickly meaning more calories are burnt, winner. You can build strength in both your upper and lower body with all of that kicking, jumping, tackling, and holding off opponents, it’s just a great all-rounder sport really.


A workout for your brain 🧠

As well as putting your body through its paces, a game of football teaches coordination and improves concentration and persistence – there’s a lot going on! With varying rates of speed and direction throughout a game, in addition to quick decision making needed to outsmart your opponents, you’ve actually got yourself a pretty brain-engaging form of exercise, who knew!

As well as all of that health stuff, we love that football is free and social! It gets you out in the open with some friends, and you can leave your phone and wallet on the side line, what’s not to love?  

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