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Recipe: Better For You Fried Chicken

Just because you wanna eat healthy doesn't mean all of the good food and flavour should go out the window, that's kind of why we made our sauce, so all of that stays firmly on the menu. Is there a better place to start than with fried chicken? We think not. Follow the recipe below to end up with golden chicken goodness that's a little easier on the macros than the stuff from Colonel Sanders.

Throw this lot in your basket:

  • Natural yoghurt
  • Blend Bros Piri Piri Sauce
  • LoDough
  • Cornflakes
  • Fresh Chilli

STEP ONE: Mix it up

This is is super simple; grab a bowl and throw in natural yoghurt, piri piri (don't be shy, get a load in there), fresh chilli and any green herby stuff you fancy and mix it all together. That's it. Step one done. Feel like a chef yet?


STEP TWO: Crush it

Now you need the cornflakes and Lo Dough to give your chicken the crunch it needs. Throw some LoDough in the oven to crispen for a few minutes, and while you're waiting chuck a load of cornflakes in a tub and get handsy - you're gonna want to crush it all up into tiny pieces (it's kinda therapeutic). Then cram your LoDough in a blender, blitz it and mix it with the cornflakes - coating done. 


STEP THREE: Get your coat

Introducing: chicken. You're gonna want to marinade it in your mix from step one - if you're super prepared doing it overnight would really lock in the flavour, but an hour will still do the job. Then throw it into the crunchy mix and be generous with the coating, we're looking for a full, even coverage here guys, don't let us (or yourself) down. 


STEP THREE: Bake it to make it

Once your beautifully coated chicken pieces are on a baking tray, whack them in the oven until they're gloriously golden (and obviously cooked inside, gotta say it so we don't get done for giving one of you food poisoning) - now we're getting to the best part.


STEP FOUR: Slam dunk

By now, you're probably starving so it's a ruddy good job it's ready. Plate up, grab your favourite sauce, dunk generously and tuck in - we would say get your mates over but we know you want to eat it all yourself so go on, we wont judge. 


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