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Staying active and healthy on holiday

It’s August already, how did that happen?! It’s the last proper month of summer and hopefully you’ve still got some last-minute trips planned. We all want the best of both worlds, and if you’ve been super committed to a healthy and active lifestyle this year, the last thing you want to do is ruin it on holiday but you’re also kinda ready for a break – everyone deserves some time to relax and indulge, it’s all about balance. Well no need to worry, we’ve got your back; check out our tips to stay active on holiday while still having a ball.

Get your steps in 🚶

If you’re going on a city break, you’re already sorted – exploring a new place doesn’t feel like exercise but your Fitbit will be going mad by the time you’re back at your hotel. If you’re off to a more relaxing beach location, you can still get on your feet – have a walk to a nearby town or a stroll on the beach before it gets too hot.

Stay hydrated 💦

Going all exclusive is often a great excuse to drink a constant stream of piña coladas and we don’t disagree, but don’t forget the water too! If you’re drinking litres of water a day at home, don’t stop just because you’re on holiday; stock the hotel fridge and keep a bottle with you at all times, particularly if you’re holidaying somewhere hot.  

Get your Z’s 😴

Early mornings and late nights can be a bit of a killer and can often leave you feeling more exhausted after your holiday than beforehand, and that’s no good is it? It all comes down to planning really, if you’ve got activities or a trip planned on one day, don’t go out partying until the early hours the night before, do that on the nights you’re planning to chill out the following day. Lack of sleep is linked to weight gain and lower metabolism so plan those Z’s!


The only other thing you need to do is just enjoy yourself! Eating well and being active is a lifestyle not a fad, so you need to be able to indulge and have fun when you want to as well - safe travels! ✈️

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