Sugar content in popular UK sauces

We’re all about more of the good and less of the bad, that’s a fact. So way back when Blend Bros sauce was just a pipe dream, we had a little look into the nutritional info behind some of the UK’s most popular sauces to see what we were up against. What we found was very interesting indeed and kick-started our journey towards creating the tastiest, healthiest sugar-free sauces on the market.

So, what exactly goes into the big brands? Read on to find out; we’re pretty sure you’ll be glad you did…

Before we get started it’s probably worth mentioning that all of the measurements we have found are per 15g serving, and keep in mind that the daily recommended intake of sugar for adults in the UK is 30g.

Classic Heinz Tomato Ketchup – 3.4g of sugar per serving

There’s no denying that Heinz is a favourite for many, but in one serving of the sauce there is a whopping 3.4g of sugar – and let’s face it, who only uses 15g of sauce?! Most of us get through multiple squirts for chip dunking and we smother our burgers in the stuff. What’s just as concerning is the fact that the 50% less sugar and salt version still has 1.7g of sugar per serving, so be careful when you see the ‘healthy’ branding.

Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce – 8.2g of sugar per serving

Yes sweet chilli sauce has to be sweet, the clue is in the name, but 8.2g of sugar per serving is, well substantial. All you need is four servings of this stuff and you’re already over your recommended daily sugar intake – mind-blowing.

Heinz Classic BBQ Sauce – 4.2g of sugar per serving

This one promises rich and smoky flavour, which is great, but less so when you’re taking on 4.2g of sugar every few dunks of your ribs or chicken wings. Most of us think our sugar intake comes from things like sweets, chocolates and doughnuts, but it’s hidden in so much more than people realise, particularly when it comes to the savoury stuff. 

Encona Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce – 6.15g of sugar per serving

We’ve already mentioned sweet chilli, but this one was a real shocker for us. In addition to the huge 6.15g of sugar in every serving, after a quick glance at the label we saw that sugar is the first ingredient in this sauce. So, before any tasty flavours or spices go into the mix, sugar makes the base of the sauce. Dunk if you dare…

There’s a bit of an eye opener for you! Luckily, we know of a great alternative that actually has ZERO sugar, but who knows where you could get that?

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