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Our top tips for going sugar free

Completely ditching sugar isn’t considered the easiest thing in the world, and as it's Sugar Free February and Lent is just around the corner we reckon quite a few people will be trying their hand at quitting the sweet stuff, or simply cutting back to a healthier diet. So, with that in mind, we want to offer a helping hand with some tips and advice to kick start the journey into going sugar free, and make sure it’s packed full of flavour too. 

It’s a big commitment

Don’t underestimate the commitment needed to go sugar free – you’ll need to get clued up on all the foods you can and can’t eat, and get used to checking your labels, but it’s so worth it! In the beginning, you’ll be surprised at how many foods actually contain sugar, but over time you’ll learn to find replacements that are just as, if not more, tasty (ahem, our sugar free sauce being one of them 😉). It’s likely you’ll get cravings for your favourite sweet snack, but try and curb those cravings with natural fructose like whole fresh fruit to give you the fix you’re looking for without all the bad stuff.


Accidents happen – don’t let them throw you off track

Particularly when starting out, little accidents are bound to happen – there can be sneaky sugar in some things you would never imagine there would be. If you’re looking to change your lifestyle, it’ll be almost impossible to go 100% sugar free without a blip, so don’t be disheartened if the odd day pops up where you eat a little sugar by accident, it’s not the end of the world! If you’re truly committed to changing your diet, just stay focussed and carry on as normal, no need to panic and throw away your progress!


Keep the benefits in mind

If you’re looking to get rid of sugar from your diet, you’re probably aware of the reasons for doing it and all of the health benefits that come with it – don’t lose sight of that! On those days where all you want is a box of doughnuts or a bag of your favourite sweets, just think back to your starting point and the reason you chose to cut sugar. From clearer skin and healthier teeth, to reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes there are so many positives that come from a sugar free or reduced sugar diet – it’s about creating a better you.


Find recipes and food that you love

Flavour is at the heart of everything we do, at Blend Bros, our main focus is to put flavour back on the table for healthy and sugar free diets – it’s all of the taste with none of the guilt. If you consider yourself a foodie, cooking and eating are probably up there with your favourite things to do so cutting out a food group may seem drastic or detrimental; it doesn’t have to be that way! Take some time out to browse tasty sugar free recipes containing your favourite flavours and cuisines, you’ll soon reignite your foodie passion and get into a new way of cooking and eating.


Make sure you keep an eye on our website and social media channels for plenty of inspiration and foodie tips to help you out along the way – along with all the recipes and useful stuff, there’s sure to be the odd competition here and there! We also love to see all of the wonderful creations you cook up using our sauce, so snap some pics and get in touch, and good luck to everyone quitting sugar for Lent!

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