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The Craziest Diets of all Time

It’s just a matter of days until the biggest wedding of the year, and there’s been plenty of speculation on the details, including how Meghan and Harry are getting in shape for their big day. Obviously, everyone wants to look their best when getting married, but sometimes that desire to look great transcends the normal, healthy ways of getting fit and some crazy fad diets are born.

So while Meghan’s doing yoga and Harry hits the gym, we’ve had a look into the craziest, stupidest and weirdest diet trends from over the years…

The Vision Diet 👓

Once people got behind the idea that the colour blue suppresses appetite, The Vision Diet was born and it’s pretty simple – eat everything while wearing blue tinted glasses…hmm.

Crazy Scale: 7/10


The Avoiding Swamps Diet 👹

Taking this one way back to 1727 when people apparently lived near swamps. A man called Thomas Short came to the conclusion that fat people live near swamps, so the only idea for weight loss he could think of was this; move away from the swamp. Genius.

Crazy Scale: 9/10


The Sleeping Beauty Diet 💤

This one was backed by The King of Rock & Roll himself, Elvis, but we’re not sure even that gives this diet kudos. You can’t eat when you’re sleeping, duh, so throughout the 1960’s weight loss fanatics spent a good chunk of time sedated to prevent eating, drastic.

Crazy Scale: 8/10


The Tapeworm Diet 🐍

Now this is just ridiculous and dangerous – who authorised this?! In Victorian times, tapeworms were sold as eggs in tablet form; when they hatched, they grew up to 25 feet long inside the body and ate the food from your intestines, grim. Unsurprisingly, they began to have hideous side effects and were swiftly banned, good choice.

Crazy Scale: 10/10

Quick disclaimer guys, please NEVER try any of these ridiculous diets, just a healthy balanced diet is more than good enough for us thanks very much.

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