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Too hot for the gym? Get to the tennis court!

Wimbledon is already in full swing, and this stunning weather we’re having got us thinking about different ways to workout instead of being stuck in the stuffy gym *lightbulb moment* - tennis! This isn’t a sport to be underestimated either, as well as getting a little competitive on the courts, there’s a load of good health benefits that come with it.


A happy heart 💓

Your average tennis match can last anywhere between 2 and 5 hours, and tennis legend Bjorn Borg characterised a game as doing “a thousand little sprints” so imagine how that boosts your fitness! All of that quick movement increases your heart rate, burns fat and promotes higher energy levels, which mean your cardiovascular health is on the up – an essential one for lowering your risk of heart disease and heart attacks.


Get that full body workout 🏃🏻‍♂️

Some sports only work a certain area of your body, but tennis is a great all-rounder! Your lower body gets to work with all that running and jumping, while the action of hitting the ball works your arms, shoulders and upper back – winning!


Feel good factor 😄

Going for a game of tennis in the sun with a mate sounds like a lot more fun than being stuck in the dark gym with your headphones in, right? Get a good dose of Vitamin D which is great for healthy bones, have a laugh AND burn calories while you’re at it; it should be a no brainer really so grab your white trainers and get out the door!

Send us your pictures and let us know the score if you head to the courts anytime soon!

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