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What’s on the menu for the Athletes at the Commonwealth Games 2018?

The Commonwealth Games kicked off on the Gold Coast in Australia yesterday, which will see athletes compete across 18 sports and 7 para-sports. More than 6,600 athletes and officials from 70 nations and territories will all gather on the sunny Gold Coast for the Games – a bit of a nicer backdrop than the last Games held in Scotland!

The sporting excitement will go on until 15th April, and naturally it got us thinking about the food that the athletes will be chowing down on, so we had a bit of a dig around to see what foodie goodness is going on in Oz.

The impressive Athletes Village has a huge dining hall where everyone gets together to eat; the kitchens allow for 2.5kg of food per athlete per day, and competitors in sports like weightlifting or boxing can even check their weight is on target before they choose what to fill their plate with – there’s nothing like a look at the scales to influence your food decision!

The organisers of the Games wanted to inspire healthier and more ethical eating habits for participants and ensure that healthy and nutritious options were available for everyone, by doing things like:


  • Including lower salt, fat and sugar options
  • Increase the use of grilling and steaming as cooking methods
  • Expand the variety and visibility of seasonal fruit and vegetables
  • Optimise portion size to encourage responsible eating habits
  • Increase the amount of menu items without fish and meat content


As well as plenty of health-conscious options, variety is the spice of life for the athletes as diving star Tom Daley told BBC Newsbeat that the canteen has ‘every kind of food imaginable’ from Halal and Western, to Asian, Indian, Pasta and Pizza. Apparently, there is even a banana and Nutella pizza, so that’s definitely worthy of a gold medal!  

Fingers crossed Team England can bring back more than full stomachs!

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